Basic treatment consisting of 2 consultations

1st consultation takes about 2 hours € 166
2st consultation takes about 1.5 hours € 111
The Vitaflow trajectory

Consultations take about 1.5 hours € 111

Annual Check

The consultation takes about 1.5 hours € 111

Attitudinal Healing

Group meetings of 2 hours € 10

You will receive the invoice via email and a payment request via telephone or cash.
It is also possible to transfer the amount in Euros or Florijnen.

Below you find the Dutch health insurers that reimburse (part of) the treatment if you have an ‘aanvullende verzekering’ (supplementary insurance):

 Zilveren Kruis, Avero Achmea, FBTO, OZF, ONVZ, PNOzorg, VvAA, De Friesland, Menzis, PMA en Anderzorg

Zorgverlenersnummer/AGB-code: 90 039 378
Praktijk AGB code: 90 178 39
CAT-Collectief licence number: BO Nr. 67772021-12-03
Chamber of Commerce

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