Holistic support in tough times

It was tough for me, after my divorce and moving twice within four months. Besides mental guidance, I was also looking for support for my body. And not a home-garden approach with the five-slice pie chart, but more holistic. I have always been an athlete and over the years I have learned a lot about nutrition, but I was looking for a dietician who looked beyond that.

Through Google, I came across Heidy. What appealed to me was that she looks at the total picture: physical, mental and spiritual. I found the device test she had me do at our first appointment fascinating. It came out exactly how I felt, with a series of concrete pointers on how to support myself in it. Heidy translated the test results in a clear way and responded openly and pleasantly when I had questions, even if they were critical.

Inner peace and strength
What those five sessions gave me: inner strength. I felt increasingly calm and powerful, from within. After a year, I went back again for a maintenance measurement. Actually, I no longer had any complaints, but I wanted to keep it that way. That too was confirmed by the measurement: there was only a last remnant.

No sterile environment
For me, it was a very positive experience that I can recommend to anyone. With Heidy, don't expect a white, sterile environment or a tight suit. But a listening ear, clear explanations, expert advice and a pleasant, personal approach."

Monique, 50+

Hormonal complaints

For years, I suffered from my hormones. Around my period I had such stinging breasts that I had to lie on them to give some counter pressure.

Through an enthusiastic friend I ended up at Heidy's. After the extensive measurement I was so curious whether it would help that I faithfully started doing everything that was recommended to me. Since then, it has indeed not bothered me at all. Only when I eat too many sugars, it sometimes comes back, but then I know why.

Allergies, stomach complaints, heartburn...
My children and husband have also benefited from Heidy's treatment of various complaints such as allergies, recurring abdominal pain and heartburn. Her approach is pleasantly approachable, especially for children. Certain information comes out of the measurement and Heidy's question 'Do you recognise that?" immediately triggers a conversation and awareness process.

Warm welcome
With Heidy, you immediately feel welcome. She takes her time for you and offers a listening ear and genuine interest, next to a lot of knowledge on physical, emotional and spiritual matters. She never stops learning and deepening her approach. I think she is a fantastic person and regularly refer people, children, to her. I wish both her and her clients that she becomes even more visible.

An annual MOT for your body
I myself have been doing an annual maintenance measurement with Heidy for several years now, as a kind of MOT for my body. Last time, I had just finished six weeks of corona. I had refused hospitalisation, but because of my shortness of breath I had been given puffs to take home. After my recovery, I continued to suffer from trembling hands, headaches and nausea. The measurement at Heidy's indicated 'detox from regular medication'. This was quite striking, because the leaflet indeed showed that these were side effects of those puffs....
That is what I like about Heidy's approach: it is never about general advice, but always about what I specifically need, at this moment and in this situation.

Annelieke Mak, child and family coach, www.lev-coaching.nl

Vague complaints

 I had been suffering for some time from vague complaints that you don't get much further with in mainstream care. I wanted to feel fitter and more emotionally stable, and I also wanted something with my gut to strengthen my immune system.

Heidy looks from a bigger picture
With Heidy, I felt right at home. She sees who you are and looks at everything from a bigger picture. She takes in the energetic body and soul in addition to the physical side. She gives you confidence during the session. Then you are given advice and resources that are completely in tune with your own energy field.

I experienced this session as very healing. I felt myself growing in my being. The fatigue subsided and I dared to put myself down more and more, something I have always found difficult, even though I am an outgoing person.

Upbeat and inspiring
I always get very happy with Heidy's cheerful personality. I have already referred many people to Heidy who are all very happy with her as well, including my own (teenage) children. Usually it is about a specific complaint, but what I find so nice and important is that Heidy checks your whole system. Another important factor is that she is so inspiring, which ensures that you actually take/adhere to her resources and advice."

Mother of three teenagers and artist.

Striking test results

Low energy
Years ago, I suffered from low energy. As an international development expert, I am down to earth and I believe in science. Despite my scepticism, I then tried bio-resonance on the advice of my sister, with Heidy's mentor.

Although I had told nothing about my stay in the tropics (India), the Asyra test revealed that I had contracted a parasite through a shrimp from a certain part of India where I had indeed been and eaten shrimp. Since the prawns we eat in Europe come mainly from Southeast Asia, not India, I found that quite striking. Besides, the reading also indicated other tropical diseases I had contracted in the past. This greatly increased my faith, which helped me maintain the rather strict diet I was prescribed. After that course, I was much more energetic and my candida infection had also disappeared.

Later, I went back again because my baby kept crying so much. The test indicated that his cramps were due to a milk allergy, but that he did tolerate a certain milk powder in India. Once back in India, this turned out to be true. What a huge relief that was. Since then I have myself measured every year, now through Heidy, since she now lives closer by. I see it as a kind of maintenance in addition to my healthy lifestyle.

I experience Heidy as welcoming and kind. She is very open and flexible, tailors her approach to the person in front of her, looks for extra information and is not a priori against regular medication. When I was suffering from menopause symptoms and had chosen regular hormone therapy, it was a nice confirmation for me when the test showed that it was indeed good for me.

I now appreciate this measurement as a form of preventive maintenance, and in the case of symptoms as a nice complement to regular medication.

Woman (54), international development expert

Scepticism towards the alternative circuit

For psoriasis-like spots on my legs, the dermatologist had given me ointment. However, I was not allowed to apply it too often because otherwise the skin would become too thin - intense stuff. I didn't like that. But the strange puddings and drinks from a Chinese herbalist didn't really appeal to me either. Through a tip-off, I then ended up at Heidy's. Despite my great scepticism towards the alternative circuit, we had a nice, good and open first conversation. And most importantly: her approach worked.

Finger on the sore spot
The test indicated intestinal problems, which surprised me greatly at the time. She treated these with, among other things, extra vitamins. The spots virtually disappeared and my diarrhoea, which I had not even mentioned, disappeared completely. When I came back years later for a reading, I was now a heart condition, kidney stones and colon cancer further on - apparently my organs are a vulnerable point. So I was delighted when after treatment the measurement indicated that I was back in fine balance. Since then, I have been coming for annual 'maintenance' sessions to make sure I maintain that balance.

Heidy: knowledgeable, transparent and a sense of humour
Heidy's approach, in which she combines her scientific knowledge with 'measuring' your own body, remains a small miracle for me. What I really appreciate is that she is very transparent about the products and suppliers she works with. When asked, she also talks frankly about things she herself runs into. In her advice, which she tailors flexibly to me and my situation, she is knowledgeable and serious, but you can also really laugh with her!

Man, (59), entrepreneur and coach