Attitudinal healing

Attitudinal Healing stems from A Course in Miracles, but deliberately does not use Christian terminology. This makes the method accessible to a wider audience. Attitudinal Healing literally means 'healing your inner attitude or mindset’. It is based on the belief that you can always choose inner peace instead of inner struggle, love instead of fear.

My own experience

I have personally experienced that learning to live according to the twelve principles of Attitudinal Healing has greatly contributed to my physical recovery. Inner struggle leads to stress and stress causes physical symptoms. Moreover, stress is absolutely an impediment to recovery and thus to the success of the treatment. Love, on the other hand, promotes trust and trust promotes physical recovery.

Heal the cause, not the effect

By participating in an Attitudinal Healing group, you get to know the twelve principles and apply them in your own life. Soon you will notice what a positive influence this has, both on yourself and on the people around you. Your view of yourself, your fellow human beings and the world will change in such a way that you can live your life more stress-free and with fewer judgments.

Under the motto 'Heal the cause, not the effect', I invite you to participate in one of the existing AH-groepen. Either with me in Baarn in the Netherlands, or with someone near you. Anyone is welcome to join my group, including people who are not receiving treatment at Vitaflow.