The treatment

The basic treatment

The basic treatment consists of two consultations. In the first consultation we start with getting acquainted. You will be given ample time to share your story. When it is clear what is going on, I run an extensive analysis with additional tests. I use an advanced bio-energetic test system for this. The findings of these measurements are then uploaded according to a specific signature into your personal remedy, in a dropping bottle that you take home with you. You can see this as tailor-made digital homeopathy.

Then I will shine a laser pointer at you that has been charged with the same personal signature. This is the moment when your self-healing ability is turned on and the recovery is initiated. Finally, we draw up the treatment plan and make an appointment for the second consultation.

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You come at least twice because symptoms can initially get worse. In that case, a second treatment is necessary to course correct. I will also check whether the first treatment went well and how your body has responded to it. Two treatments may be enough to get you back on track. Then your next consultation is your Annual Check (see below). If you are not yet sufficiently in balance, you continue with the Vitaflow trajectory.

The Vitaflow trajectory

The Vitaflow trajectory implies that I guide you during one year to a good overall balance.
In this year, you come several times for treatment. How many times will differ from person to person. It depends on the nature of your complaints, how long you have had them, how quickly your body is responding to the treatment, the extent to which you are able to follow all the advice and of course external factors such as your personal circumstances. In addition, if it appeals to you, you can participate in an Attitudinal Healing group to support your trajectory.

Annual Check

Prevention is better than cure!
The Annual Check keeps your body in balance and prevents the accumulation of waste and stress. I run the extensive analysis and any additional tests that are required. The findings of these measurements are uploaded once again into a personal remedy. And as before, the self-healing process is started off with the laser pointer.